Rit Dye Powder Colour Remover 2 oz



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Rit Dye Powder Colour Remover 2 oz

Rit Color Remover is used primarily to remove or reduce color from fabric prior to dyeing with Rit Dye. It reduces the color to an off-white or cream color, creating a clean, even base color for dyeing. Color Remover is suitable for use on most washable fabrics, including cotton, linen, rayon, silk, and nylon. It may have a limited effect on polyester, depending upon how it was dyed commercially. Color Remover is a non-chlorine, reductive type of bleach that will not damage or deteriorate washable fabrics as chlorine bleach will.

The stovetop method is the most effective at removing color, maintaining a constant simmer throughout the process. Some fabrics lose their color in as fast as 10 minutes, others can take an hour or two to achieve a cream color. Light color changes, such as brightening or removing stains from white fabrics, can be achieved using Color Remover in a washing machine.

- Use to whiten and remove stains such as fruit juice, ketchup, tea and rust.
- Safe for all fabrics that can be washed in hot water.
- Colour Remover will remove or reduce colour from most fabrics

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Rit Dye Powder Colour Remover 2 oz

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