Sew Mate Fabric Glue 60ml *Deals of the Week

Sew Mate Fabric Glue 60ml

Temporarly holds fabrics before basting and stitching.

The stickiness will disappear after washing.

( Not for a permanent fix )

Instructions for use:
- Keep the fabric surface clean and dry.
- Apply a thin coat of glue to the fabric surface. Put another
object (fabric, bead, small accessory) you want to glue on
the fabric. Press and let it dry.
- Close the cover tightly after use.
- Avoid dry-cleaning & pre-soak fabrics.



 *Deals of the Week ends at Midnight Sunday 14th August or while stocks last

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Gutermann Textile Glue HT2

Gutermann Textile Glue HT2 20g / 19ml

Need a stretchy solution to a sewing dilemma? Try textile glue from Gutermann

This is the ideal adhesive for creative design. It is suited to all sorts of textiles, such as cotton, denim, linen, felt, wool, ribbons and much more.

It is wash resistant in temperatures of up to 900C and is therefore ideal for fabric seams and repairs to clothing. This textile glue dries colourlessly and forms a flexible adhesive film. Ironing maintains the high wash resistance of the adhesive.

Odif 505 Basting Spray

Odif 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive is ideal for no pin basting of the quilting sandwich.

It avoids threading steps and the use of pins.

It is also used for temporary and precise holding of the fabric during sewing or machine embroidery.

It does not stain the fabric.

It evaporates when the fabric is handled and disappears when washed.


- Temporary Adhesive for fabric and paper
- No stain, Acid free, No CFC

Protect work surface.
Shake well before each use.

For patchwork, 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive is ideal for assembling the quilt sandwich without basting:
spray at 25 cm, directly onto the batting.
Position the quilt top and then turn your patchwork over.
Spray again on the batting and position the backing fabric.
For embroidery, place the stabilizer in the embroidery hoop, spray the 505 adhesive on the stabilizer and then adhere your fabric or garment without hooping.
This method prevents hooping marks on the fabric.

Tip: To clean the embroidery hoop: wash with soapy water or use DK5 Odif.

In case of stains: dry clean.



Aleene's Stop Fraying 59ml

Aleene's Stop Fraying Glue will stop fabric from fraying with this amazing adhesive that dries clear, soft and flexible. It's easy to apply and can handle repeated washings. Recommended for hems, seams, trims, cording and more. Not recommended for ribbons or knits. Non-toxic. 2 oz (59ml)

It lasts through repeated gentle washings and can also be used to seal the ends of braiding and trims.

Made in USA

Bohin Textile Glue Pen

Bohin Textile Glue Pen

Great water soluble glue pen. Works well on all fabric types which allows you to position your project without the use of pins. Colour disappears once dry.

Roxanne Glue Dip & Dab

This incredible appliqué glue is 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, but holds firmly until you want it loose. Roxanne Dip & Dab applicator wand is the perfect answer for little jobs that need a delicate touch and the small bottle makes it perfect for travelling. The applicator allows for the placement of controlled droplets of glue and thin lines for concise application.

Bohin Textile Glue Pen Refill

Bohin Textile Glue Pen Refill

Glue Stick Refill for Glue Pen #65504. Instructions included on packaging. Contains 1 refill.


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