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Sew Easy French Curve Ruler With Grading Rule

Sew Easy - French Curve Ruler
- Alter your patterns for personal fit
- combination of curves for: Neckline armhole sleeve cap, hipline waistline & hemline
- Tracing Patterns
- Easy to follow with comprehensive instructions inside

Eliminating the guesswork, this ruler helps you alter patterns for personal fit, including curves for neckline, armhole, sleeve cap, hipline, waistline and hemline. Also includes a grading grid for sizing adjustments and adding seam allowances.

Includes Grading Rule
- The invaluable aid for designing, drafting and grading patterns, and adding seam allowances to block patterns.
- This is a very versatile accessory for both the professional designer, the home dressmaker & the student.


Includes detailed illustrated instructions




Pattern Making - Curve Ruler

Sew Easy - Pattern Making Curve Ruler

For all knitters and sewers. Easy to use. Save time and money.

Essential for reproducing diagrams for Sewing & knitting patterns.

This Curve ruler is made for
Knitwear - It is essential to trace out diagrams of knitting patterns
Pattern Alterations - Increase waist, hips and crotch
Other Uses - Buttonholes, Seam allowances

Metric and imperial measurements

Suggested Uses;
Straight Ruler, Square Ruler, French Curve, Buttonhole Guides, seam allowence Slots at 1.5 or 2.5cm (5/8 or 1")

Sewing Gauge, Point Turner & Button Gauge

Ideal for measuring hems, scallops, knitting and sewing; easing out point of cuffs and collars;
and automatically gauging the shank depth when sewing buttons on.



Tape Measure Analogical 150cm / 60in - Trendy trims

Trendy Trims – Tape Measure - 150cm/60in

Features metric and imperial on one side for easy comparison and only inches on the reverse side.
A strong wide (16mm) fiberglass tape measure with heavy metal tips. Ideal for tailoring and all sewing/press making projects.



Tape Measure - Metric & Imperial - Trendy trims

Metric and Imperial Tape Measure.

Fibreglass non-stretching tape measure with metric on one side and imperial on the other.

Tape Measure - Metric & Imperial




Sewing & Quilting Gauge

Sewing & Quilting Gauge


- Perfect for checking all small measurements made in sewing and quilting projects.
- 14-in-1 Measuring, double sided gauge with 14 functional measurements
- Measuring gauge in imperial sizing only
- Markings on front and back from 1/8" to 2"


$5.90 $4.70
Clover Hot Hemmer

Clover Hot Hemmer

SIZE: 5cm x 25cm

Fold, measure, mark, and press hems and more in one step.
The material is heat resistant and allows steam from the iron to pass through.
Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place.

This long version of the Clover Hot Hemmer can simplify three-folding, hemming and cloth wrapping.
Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems.


- Fold, measure, mark and press.
- Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler.
- Thin and accurate ruler.
- Metric Measurements.
- Can be used with dry or steam iron.
- Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results.

Tape Measure – Extra Long - Trendy Trims

The extra long 3 metre tape is particularly useful for quilting and home decorating. Made from fibreglass and reinforced to eliminate any possibility of stretching or distortion.
Size: 20mm x 300cm

Clover Hot Hemmer - Long

Fold, measure, press hems and more in one step. This long version of the Clover Hot Hemmer can simplify three-folding, hemming and cloth wrapping. Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems.

Tape Measure - Adhesive - Trendy Trims

This adhesive tape measure is ideal for all cutting tables. Removeable and repositionable, it will not tear stretch or shrink.
This tape measure is analogical with imperial and metric gradings

Retractable Tape Measure - Trendy Trims

Retractable Tape Measure, that stores neatly in a drawer, sewing box or purse.

DMC Tape Measure Metric & Imperial - Sheep Print Grey

DMC Tape Measure Metric & Imperial - Sheep Print Grey

The Tape Measure – Sheep by DMC includes 150 cm of tape and is suitable to measure in centimeters or inches. This is a retractable accessory presenting an original design of sheep perfect for those knitting and crochet lovers. Essential for your knitting bag!Kniting, wool, Tape, Measuring


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