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Here at Sew It we have a great range of Sewing tools and accessories from leading brands from around the world such as Singer, Sew Easy, Gutermann, Rit, Sew Mate and more. We have mannequins, scissors, bias tape makers, snips, seam rippers, tailors chalk, measuring tapes, dye, needles, thread and more. We offer great prices and a great range of brands to suit your budget.
Singer Bobbins x5

Singer Bobbins x5

For use on the following machines:
1408, 2250,3221,3223G,3223R,4411,4423,4432 6660, 9960, 8768,9100,SE300,

If your machine is not on this list please contact us

Singer Ball Point Needles - 2045 - 70's- 80's

Singer Domestic Ball Point Needles For Knits
( 2045 - 70's- 80's )

Singer needles are a great quality product, they even have there needles colour coded to be easily identified when changing between needle sizes.

This pack of needles contains:
x3 2045 70/09 needles for very sheer fabrics
x2 2045 80/11 needles for light weight fabrics

Singer Ball Point Domestic Needles - 2045 - 90/14

Singer Ball Point Domestic Needles For Knits

The Singer needle has a light ball point for stretch fabrics.

Singer needles are a great quality product, they even have there needles colour coded to be easily identified when changing between needle sizes.

This pack of needles contains:
x5 2045 90/14 needles for light weight fabrics

Rit Liquid Dye - 34 Colours to Choose From

Rit Liquid Dye comes in a 236ml bottle in the following colours;
- Dark Green - Out of Stock  - Black
- Cherry Red                       - Pearl Grey
- Kelly Green                       - Neon Green
- Sunset Orange                  - Fuchsia
- Denim Blue                       - Rose Quartz
- Golden Yellow                   - Camel
- Royal Blue                        - Teal
- Tangerine                         - Evening Blue
- Scarlet                              - Emerald
- Dark Brown                       - Taupe        
- Wine                                 - Hyacinth
- Navy Blue                          - Cocoa Brown
- Petal Pink                          - Apple Green
- Purple                               - Neon Yellow
- Lemon Yellow                    - Aquamarine
- Charcoal Grey                    - Tan
- Coral                                - Violet

Whether you are looking to refresh the colors of your wardrobe, ombre-dye curtains for your bedroom, rejuvenate old garments, coordinate home decor,or hide laundry accidents, Rit Dye can help you get there.

CHOOSING FABRICS. Rit works best on many natural, washable fabrics and materials, such as:
- 100% cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie
- Synthetics such as rayon and nylon
- Fiber blends with at least 60% cotton or other dyeable fiber (blends will tint evenly but will not achieve full color)
- Nylon-based plastic such as those found in buttons, fasteners and lacrosse sticks
- Natural materials such as wood, wicker, paper, feathers and cork

But there are fabrics and materials that will not accept dye, such as:
- 100% polyester, acrylic, acetate, fiberglass, spandex and metallic fibers
- Fabrics with rubber backing (bath mats or throw rugs)
- Fabrics with special finishes such as water repellents
- Fabrics with bleach damage or extensive staining
- Fabrics washable only in cold water or labeled “dry clean only”
- Polyethylene plastics such as golf discs
- Polycarbonate plastics such as eyeglass frames

Rit All-Purpose Dye can dye:
Washable Fabrics Containing Natural Fibers: Such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, ramie and modal
Washable Fabrics Containing Synthetic Fibers: Such as nylon, rayon and viscose
Washable Fabrics Containing Cotton Synthetic Blends: Such as polyester cotton blends that contain less than 35% polyester
Fabric Shoes: Such as cotton canvas sneakers and satin shoes made of silk
Unfinished Wood and Wicker: Such as furniture, picture frames, moldings, shutters, wicker baskets, straw, rattan and sisal squares
Natural Dried Plants and Pine Cones: Such as dried cornhusks, milkweed, goldenrod, thistle, foxtails and pine cones
Paper: Such as watercolor paper and newspaper for papercrafts and cardmaking
Miscellaneous Items: Such as unfinished clay, cement, cork, feathers, fabric lampshades, paraffin (powder dye only), cotton and nylon rope, sand and seashells.
Food for Crafts: Such as dried beans, eggshells, seeds and macaroni

$17.99 $15.99
Tailors Chalk Triangle - Assorted Colours

This Trendy Trims tailors chalk is ideal for marking fabrics and patterns. The chalk creates a fine line that is easily brushed away by using a hand or cloth. The Chalk is ideal for any colour fabric marking.

1x Red
1x Blue
1x White

$9.99 $5.20
Brother Bobbin 10 pack

Brother Bobbins (10 pcs.) - 11.5mm (1/2”) in height.

They are suitable for use with these Brother models:
- L14
- JA1400
- JS1700
- GS2510
- GS2700
- NX200QE
- NX400
- NX600
- VQ3000
- NS10
- NS15
- NS30
- NS35
- NS55
- NV180
- NV200
- NV400
- NV600
- NV1100
- NV1300
- NV1800Q
- NV2600
- QC2000
- VM6200D
- XV
- NV1e
- NV1250D
- NV950

Sew-All Thread by Gutermann - Choose One Colour

These are $3.60 is for x1 100m Reel

Sew-all Thread 100m Reel
100% polyester

- For all materials and threads
- For sewing with a sewing machine and by hand
- No thick and thin areas, optimum sewing security
- For closing and quilting seams
- For overlock and safety seams
- For button holes and for sewing on buttons
- For fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams
- Recommended needle and needle size: universal needle NM 70 - 90

Choose from our range of colours:

BLACK = 000
WHITE = 800

Numbers are listed from top to bottom in each column so that you can compare with the photo:
COLUMN 1: 000, 800, 111, 802, 325, 852, 417, 968, 351, 982
COLUMN 2: 659, 156, 46, 369, 694, 696, 727, 722, 169, 448
COLUMN 3: 733, 512, 392, 315, 310, 339, 112, 75, 143, 736
COLUMN 4: 38, 40, 701, 36, 269, 824, 582, 152, 396, 472

Although we usually have all colours in stock, occasionally we may have low stock on some colours but typically we can get more within a few days.
Feel free to ask a question if you'd like to check colour availability before purchase.

The advantages:

- Made in Germany
- for all materials and seams
- no fiber lint with sewing
- tear-resistant with more than 50% seam resistance reserve
- for sewing with the sewing machine and by hand
- no thick and thin locations, optimal stitch security

Singer Adjustable Mannequin /Dress Form Sizes 8-16 Parisian

This is an Adjustable Dress form / Mannequin. Simply dial in your measurements and get statred. It allows pattern adjustments before cutting. You can set necklines, sleeves and collars easily and is perfect for linings, hems and total construction.

Sizes 8 - 16

Waist - 64cm-81cm (25"-32")
Bust - 84cm-102cm (33"-40")
Hips - 86cm-103cm (34"-40")
The waist extends by 5cm - the shoulder neck point to waist can adjust from 41.5cm - 46.5cm

- This sturdy dressform has a dial system to adjust the neck, bust, waist,and hip sizes.
- Ideal for the classes and studios.
- Precisely dial your figure with 12 body dials
- Neck dial adjustmen
- Eight foam backed (for pinning ) nylon fabric covered body panels
- Locking waist / torso adjustmen
- Locking body height adjustment
- Adjustable height hem measure
- Hem gauge
- Stable base

Ensure you get a great fit when sewing garments for yourself or others with this adjustable Mannequin / Dress Form.

The dials allow you to adjust the size and proportion of each area so that the contours match the body you are sewing for. Perfect if you are sewing for friends, relatives or clients who can't be there during the whole sewing process to try on the garment, simply set their measurements on the Dress Form at their first visit or get their measurements over the phone.

Also makes fitting garments to yourself much easier!

The height is also adjustable so that you can ensure that you hem your garment to the correct length. Marking an even hem is made easy with the handy hem gauge.

$459.00 $329.00
Walking Foot - Universal

The Walking or Even Feed Foot is helpful when sewing several layers of fabric together. Most often used when quilting, The Walking or Even Feed Foot easily “walks” over the fabric layers. This is because the foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine’s feeding system. The upper feeding mechanism “pulls” the top fabric at the same rate that the machine’s feed dogs are pulling the bottom fabric.
This helps to keep the layers together, prevents shifting and bunching of the top layer. The Walking or Even Feed Foot is also great for matching plaids or stripes and sewing with nap or pile.

Fits: Singer Low Shank Machines such as the following models: 2250, 3221, 4411, 4423, 4432, 8768, 9100, 9960, Featherweight C240,  

Singer Oil 100ml

Singer Oil

Singer Oil - All purpose, high quality for household and industrial use. 

Specially formulated oil for lubricating sewing/embroidery machines.

Regularly lubricate your sewing machine to maintain its top performance!

NOTE: For sewing machine maintenance please check your manual or contact your service technician. 

Pattern Making - Curve Ruler

Sew Easy - Pattern Making Curve Ruler

For all knitters and sewers. Easy to use. Save time and money.

Essential for reproducing diagrams for Sewing & knitting patterns.

This Curve ruler is made for
Knitwear - It is essential to trace out diagrams of knitting patterns
Pattern Alterations - Increase waist, hips and crotch
Other Uses - Buttonholes, Seam allowances

Metric and imperial measurements

Suggested Uses;
Straight Ruler, Square Ruler, French Curve, Buttonhole Guides, seam allowence Slots at 1.5 or 2.5cm (5/8 or 1")

$19.99 $14.49
Sew Mate Portable Thread Stand

Sew Mate Portable Thread Stand

This portable thread stand is a great accompaniment with your sewing machine, ideal for two colour sewing at the same time or alternately.


- Easy to assemble or disassemble for storage
- Light weight and portable
- Strong Construction

** Thread not included, stand only**


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