About Us


Founded in 2012, Sew It’s mission is to revive the art and passion of sewing through providing quality machines, service and product education.


Campbell Turnbull had been in the industry since 2007, studying at Fashion School and operating his clothing brand, Freedom Rider. It was from this perspective he noticed the significant gap in accessibility to sewing and fashion supplies within New Zealand and sought to create a solution by creating Sew It. 


Campbell operated out of his flat for two years until his older brother, Chris joined the business in 2014 and they opened a small, portacom retail outlet. In July 2019, Sew It moved to its first official store in Hillmorton, Christchurch and the business has continued to grow. 


The Sew It team has expanded with Chris’ wife, Kirsty; their sister, Susan, family friend, Maddi; and at times Campbell’s parents, John and Cherie. Having a tight-knit team has helped keep our vision strong and built a culture of belonging and ownership we are all proud of. 


We welcome you to our Sew It family!

Christchurch A&P Show 2016

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