Snaps and Fasteners

Sew Mate Eyelet & Snap Press 2-in-1

This new eyelet and snap press enables the user to apply eyelets and snaps easily to leather, paper, plastic and fabric. The 2 in 1 design is really handy and allows the user to quickly change between dies.

- Eyelet x 100 pcs, Sockets x 25 pcs, Prong x 50 pcs, Stud x 25 pcs.


Works with 5mm Eyelets only

- Size: 6 1/2 Inches / 160mm
- Made in Taiwan.

Ideal for
- leather
- paper
- plastic
- fabric



Birch Plastic Fasteners - White

Birch Plastic Fasteners PK12 White

12 sets included

Works with Fastener Tool - 020248


Birch Plastic Fastener Tool

Birch Plastic Fastener Tool - 020248

Use with Plastic Fasteners - 012530

*Please note - Screwdivers are Purple

Birch Plastic Fasteners - Navy

Birch Plastic Fasteners PK12 Navy

Includes 12 sets

Use with Fastener Tool: 020248

Hook and Bar Trouser Fasteners - Trendy Trims

Hook and Bar Trouser Fastener. Suitable for skirt and trouser fastening

Birch Plastic Fasteners PK12 Cream

Birch Plastic Fasteners - Cream

Includes 12 Sets

Use with Fastener Tool: 020248

Press Snap Tool by Trendy Trims

Press Snap Tool by Trendy Trims

For easy application of Press Snaps

Birch Plastic Fasteners - Pink

Birch Plastic Fasteners PK12 Pink

12 Sets Included

Use with Fastener Tool - 020248

Press Snaps Solid Top White by Trendy Trims

Press Snaps Solid Top White by Trendy Trims


Please note the Press Snap Tool is needed to put them together.

Hooks & Eyes – Nickel 13mm - Trendy Trims

Hooks and Eyes size 3 Nickel 14 sets

Jean Studs - Nickel - Trendy Trims

Jean Stud 15mm x 10 Sets Nickel


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