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Daylight Uno Floor Lamp


Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it. 28 high quality bright LEDs provide accurate colour matching. Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels. Lamp brightness: 1,145 Lux at 30cm (12")

Naturalight Clip-On Spectacle Magnifiers

Naturalight Clip-On Spectacle Magnifiers

Get precisely the magnification you need with The Daylight Comapny's unique box set of four lenses (1.7, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 X magnification). Simply clip the lightweight frame to your glasses, select the lens and see all the intricate details with needle-sharp clarity. Just flip up the lens for normal viewing.

4 lens and a clip included
Lens 1: 1.7 X magnification
Lens 2: 2.0 X magnification
Lens 3: 2.5 X magnification
Lens 4: 3.0 X magnification




Sew Easy Flexible LED Light

Freestanding, clip-on or mountable LED Light – 340mm flexible arm, 3 LED bulbs, 10,000 light hours. Integral on/off switch. 3 colours. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Triumph LED Sabre Table Lamp w/ USB Charger

This slim desktop light comes with an extended array of bright LED’s that reach over a large 590mm span providing an even light across your entire working area. The Triumph Sabre features 60 bright LEDs with no bulb to replace and virtually no heat. The Sabre comes with a built in fast charging USB port, making it convenient to charge your phone while you work. The base is also amazingly small, and takes up very little desk space.


- 60 Bright LED’s
- Extra Long 590mm lamp head
- Touch sensitive on/off with 3 step dimming
- Intergrated fast charging USB port
- Small sturdy base for more desk room
- Flexible gooseneck

Triumph LED Zoom Desktop Magnifying Light – Gooseneck

Triumph LED Zoom Desktop Magnifying Light


- 56 bright LED’s,
- Cover to protect the light from sunlight and dust
- 3x Colour temperatures, Warm, Natural and White
- Stepless dimming control
- Touch sensitve on/off
- 3x Magnifier
- Flexible goose neck
- AC/DC adaptor included

- HB115.W

Ottlite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp w/ USB

The Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp is a great touch lamp for a variety of uses. Easily adjust the 4 brightness settings with touch-sensitive control to meet your needs. With a flexible neck that extends 20", it easily adjusts the light angle over all your projects. Versatile illumination makes it perfect for crafting, reading and everyday tasks.


- 4 Brightness Settings with Touch-Sensitive Control
- Easily adjust light settings with touch control on base
- Diffuser provides smooth, uniform illumination
- Maximum of 375 lumens
- Total flexibility – sleek rubberized, flexible neck holds lamp in a variety of positions
- Space-saving design and flexible neck – perfect for studying, reading, crafting, and more
- Super bright natural daylight LEDs rated to last up 40,000 hours

Ottlite Crane LED Table Lamp

The OttLite LED Crane Lamp with Clamp gives you the choice of using it as a desk lamp or a clamp-on lamp. 3 points of adjustment and a rotating head allow you to direct OttLite Natural Daylight Illumination right where you need it. Easily adjustable with the touch of a hand, the LED Crane Lamp with Clamp is perfect for drafting tables, student desks or workshops. With OttLite you can see details clearly so you can do what you love, longer.


- Includes both table top base and clamp-on conversion kit
- Maximum of 530 lumens
- 4.5” (11.4 cm) diameter lamp head
- Height adjusts from 10.5” to 38.5” (26.67 to 97.79 cm)
- Base diameter 7.5” (19.5 cm)
- Super bright natural daylight LEDs rated to last up to 40,000 hours

Triumph LED Rechargeable Magnifying Desk Lamp

LED Technology with magnifier delivers high powered lighting to your home or office with a magnifier to see finer details. The flexible gooseneck offers comfortable light positioning and magnification where you need it


- 70mm diameter lamp area, 32cm tall
- Stepless dimming control
- Touch sensitve on/off
- 3x Magnifier
- Flexible goose neck, tilt functionality
- USB charging connectivity

- HB200

Daylight - Magnificent LED Table/Floor Lamp - DLA25050

Daylight - Magnificent LED Table/Floor Lamp - DLA25050

The MAGnificent Lamp is ideal for all types of detailed work.

This lamp is cleverly designed to be used as both a floor lamp (with 2 different height options) as well as a table lamp.

The Daylight™ LEDs provide high contrast and accurate colour matching, making it easier and less tiring to read, work and see detail clearly.
LEDs use very little energy. The large, semi-rimless 1.75X magnifying lens allows uninterrupted viewing of close up work.

Key Features:
- Ideal for all types of detailed work
- Height adjustable, can be used as a floor or table lamp
- Lamp brightness: 1,850 Lux at 15cm (6″)
- Large 14.6cm (5¾”) semi-rimless lens, 1.75X magnification for clear viewing of close up work
- Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
- Maximum height: Floor Lamp 125cm (49.2″) and Table Lamp 50cm (20″)
- Daylight™ LEDs provide true colour matching

Technical Details:
Light source: LED
- Lux output at 15cm (6″): 1,850
- Light colour temperature: 6,000°K
- Energy consumption: 2.7W
- Product colour: White
- Product dimensions: 125 x 23 x 56 cm (49.2” x 9.1 ” x 22 ”)
- Maximum Reach: 60cm (23.6”)
- Product Weight: 3.5kg (7.7lbs)
- Cable length: 1.8m (70.9”)
- Lens size: 14.6cm (5.75”)
- Magnification: 3 Diopter (1.75 X)
- Extra magnification: no
- Lens material: Acrylic

Ottlite 2 in 1 LED Sewing Machine Light


- Two interchangeable heads – your choice of using the lighted magnifier or the book light
- LED illuminated 3x optical-grade magnifier with 5x spot viewer
- Use included sturdy clip to attach to tabletops and books or adhesive to attach light to sewing machine
- Powered by USB cord (included) or (3) AAA batteries (not included)
- Maximum of 50 lumens
- Super bright OttLite LEDs rated to last up to 40,000 hours

Daylight - Halo Table Magnifier Lamp

The Halo 5D is part of the Daylight Company's range of magnifying lamps. It is perfect for projects requiring close attention to detail. The LEDs circle the magnification lens for consistent lighting over your project. At home or on the go, the powerful lens provides clever magnification, while daylight LEDs offer high colour contrast, so you can perfectly colour-match and whip up the tiniest of projects with ease! The lens can be covered when used as a lamp.


- Light source: LED
- Lumens: 315
- Lux at 15 cm: 4,000
- Colour temperature: 6,000° K
- Energy consumption: 6W
- Colour: white / silver
- LED rated life (hours): 50,000
- 3 steps touch dimmer: 4,000 – 1,600 – 400 Lux
- Lens diameter: 9 cm (3.5″)
- Magnification: 5 dioptres (2.25X)
- Inset magnification: 12 dioptres (4X)
- Maximum reach: 36 cm (14″)

- Height: 33 cm (13″)
- Width: 15 cm (5.9″)
- Depth: 15 cm (5.9″)
- Weight: 07 kg (1.5 lb)
- Cable length: 2 m (78.7″)

Ottlite Colour Changing Cone LED Desk Lamp

The OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base is a fun lamp for any age! The base glows in the colour of your choice or cycles continuously through the entire spectrum. With super bright LEDS with 3 brightness levels this lamp is a fun way to illuminate any task.


- Super bright LEDS
- 3 brightness levels
- Color Changing Base
- 10cm base


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