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Daylight Slimline 3 - Floor Lamp

The Daylight Slimline 3 floor is praised for its functionality, ergonomics, and unrivalled quality of light. The aluminium shade emits a very bright light and the diffuser gives off a better spread of light. A four step dimmer allows brightness control. The LEDs do not get hot allowing you to work under the light for many hours.

Key Features
- Aluminium shade with full length diffuser
- Better spread and diffusion of light
- 4 brightness levels
- Flexible joints for perfect positioning

Technical Details
- Light source: LED
- Lumens: 1,065 lm
- Lux at 30 cm: 3,000
- Colour temperature: 6,000ºK
- CRI: 80+
- Energy consumption: 13W
- Colour: brushed steel
- LED rated life (hours): 50,000
- 4 steps touch dimmer: 3,000 – 2,000 – 1,500 – 750 Lux
- Maximum reach: 73 cm (29″)
- >Height: 130 cm (51”)
- Width: 76 cm (30”)
- Depth: 25 cm (10”)
- Weight: 3.3kg (7.3lb)
- Cable length: 2.4m (94.5”)

Daylight Foldi Go Lamp - Rechargeable

The Foldi Go fits easily into your bag or kit and is properly protected with the supplied carry case. Sturdy, versatile and compact, this lamp is ideal for a range of tasks such as reading, carrying out treatments, crafting, painting, sewing or getting that picture perfect shot. Can be used wirelessly or plugged in and the brightness adjusted according to your needs. With a CRI of over 95, you can be confident that you’re viewing colours accurately at any time of day or night.

Key Features
- High quality, rechargeable task lamp
- Elegant and aesthetically pleasing design
- Fully adjustable arm, height, and rotating head
- Consistently bright, up to 8 hours running time.
- Battery level indicator
- Carry case included, making it easy to transport to any location
- Long reach, compact when folded
- 4 step brightness dimmer

Technical Details
- Light source: LED
- Lumens: 340
- Lux output at 30cm [12”]: 1,300
- Light colour temperature: 6,000 K
- Energy consumption: 5W
- Product colour: White/Grey
- Maximum reach: 30cm [11.8”]
- Product weight: 0.85kg [1.87lb]
- Cable length: 1.5m [59.1”]
- Battery charge time: approximately 6 hours to charge in full
- Battery run time: up to 8 hours on lowest brightness, up to 3.5 hours on highest brightness

Triumph Led Light Bulb - Screw In For Sewing Machines

Triumph Led Light Bulb Screw In For Sewing Machines

A great alternative to standard screw in sewing machine bulbs!

Daylight Twist 2 Table Lamp

he Twist 2 lamp was ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with one hand and has grey stripes on each side for easy grip. Low in consumption, the Easy Twist Shade™ shade allows the light to be positioned and directed exactly where you need it. Adjust the bright daylight LEDs to your task at hand using the tactile 3-step dimmer button. The high quality LEDs on the Twist 2 and CRI of over 95 provide high contrast and clarity making details visible and colours rendered accurately.

Key Features:

- Lightweight and foldable
- Easy Twist Shade™ for accurate positioning of light
- 3 brightness levels
- High quality LEDs with 95+ CRI to see colours accurately
- Daylight LEDs reduce eyestrain and improve contrast

Technical Details:

- Light source: LED
- Lux output at 30cm: 2,000 / 1,500 / 1,000
- Light colour temperature: 6,000K
- Energy consumption: 11W
- Product colour: White/Grey
- Maximum reach: 26cm
- Product weight: 1kg
- Cable length: 1.8m

$179.00 $172.90
Daylight Electra Floor Lamp

Easy adjust the brightness level using the tactile dimmer switch and choose the colour temperature that best suits your needs: work in Daylight 6,000K or Cool light 4,000K to see details clearly, or choose Warm light 2,700K to create a relaxing atmosphere. The anti-glare shade ensures that the light will be directed at your task in hand without disturbing anyone else in the room. The Electra Floor has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, so you can see colours accurately at any time of day or night, perfect for arts or crafts.

Key Features:

- Beautiful black satin finish floor lamp
- Choice of 3 colour temperatures- Daylight 6,000K, Cool light 4,000K or Warm light 2,700K
- Slim and unobtrusive design
- Flexible arm and rotating shade for perfect positioning
- Easily adjust the brightness using the tactile continuous dimmer switch
- Anti-glare shade ensures light is directed away from your eyes and focused where you want it
- 95+ CRI for exceptional clarity and accurate colours at any time of day or night

Technical Details:

- Light source: LED
- Lux output at 30cm: 2,500
- Light colour temperature: 6,000K / 4,000K / 2,700K
- Energy consumption: 13W
- Product colour: Satin Black
- Maximum reach: 80cm
- Product weight: 4kg
- Cable length: 2.2m

$318.00 $317.90
Triumph Led Light Bulb Push In For Sewing Machines

Triumph Led Light Bulb Push In For Sewing Machines

A great alternative to standard bayonet sewing machine bulbs!

Triumph LED Multi-Level Light Floor Lamp

This Triumph multi level craft lamp is the ideal addition to any sewing room. With touch sensitive controls to switch between light levels, dimmable and a flexible gooseneck to ensure the light is always directed in the right place.

Available in 4 colour selections: Warm, Natural, Cool and White. Size: 40 x 26 x 138cm.

Shipping on 20 Jul 2024
(estimated date)
Daylight - Halo Go Rechargeable Table Magnifier Lamp

The Halo Go is part of the Daylight Company’s range of magnifying lamps and is a truly portable lamp with magnifier which comes with a USB rechargeable battery. The brightness remains consistent for the full 8 hours. The LEDs circle the magnification lens for uniform lighting over your project. Offering 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification with a 12 dioptres (4.0X) inset lens for working on the finest details. Folds flat.

Key Features

- Rechargeable battery
- 4 hours of light on full brightness, the brightness does not fade and remains consistent for the full 4 hours
- 8 hours of light on second setting, the brightness does not fade and remains consistent for the full 8 hours
- 2 brightness levels
- Battery level indicator
- 6 hours for full recharge
- Compact design
- Folds flat
- 9 cm (3.5″) diameter lens
- 5 dioptres magnification lens (2.25X)
- 12 dioptres magnification inset lens

Technical Details

- Light source: LED
- Lumens: 315
- Lux at 15 cm: 4,000
- 2 steps touch dimmer: 4,000 – 2,000
- Colour temperature: 6,000 K
- CRI: 80+
- Energy consumption: 5W
- Colour: white / silver
- LED rated life (hours): 50,000
- Lens diameter: 9 cm (3.5″)
- Magnification: 5 dioptres (2.25X)
- Inset magnification: 12 dioptres (4X)
- Maximum reach: 36 cm (14″)Height: 33 cm (13″)
- Width: 15 cm (5.9″)
- Depth: 15 cm (5.9″)
- Weight: 0.75 kg (1.65 lb)
- Cable length: 1.5 m (59.1″)

Shipping on 15 Jul 2024
(estimated date)
Triumph LED Super White Desktop Lamp

This flexible goose neck lamp with 15 LED's technology delivers brilliant white lighting for your home or office.

Diffusion lens provides greater lighting comfort to reduce eyestrain.

Sturdy base completes with simple touch switch, dimmable for cool white through to super white.

Max height: 37.5cm

Daylight Smart Go Led Rechargeable Lamp

Portable, lightweight and rechargeable, see clearly wherever you are with the Smart Go. This bright daylight lamp reduces eye strain and enables you to see details and colours accurately. The perfect light for your work or hobby, regardless of your surroundings. Supplied with a USB cable for charging via your laptop or wall plug adaptor.

Lightweight and portable
Elegant and aesthetically pleasing design
Battery charge level indicator lights
Unobtrusive outline that doesn’t take up space on your desk or side table
95+ CRI to provide true colour matching and better contrast
3 step dimmer
Recharge by connecting the supplied USB cable to your laptop or phone charger

Technical Details:
Light source: LED
Lumens: 120
Lux output at 30cm: 630 Lux
Light colour temperature: 6,000 K
Energy consumption: 5W
Product colour: White / Bronze
Maximum Reach: 20cm
Product Weight: 0.45kg
Cable length: 1.2m
Battery charge time: approximately 7.5 hours
Battery run time: up to 6.5 hours on lower brightness (step 2) and up to 4.5 hours on full brightness

Daylight Yoyo Magnifier Led Lamp

This compact foldable pocket LED magnifier is ideal to carry in your pocket. The magnifier has an 8 Diopter 3.0X lens and 3 bright daylight LEDs. When your work demands close-up precision and masterful attention to every detail, this daylight LED light delivers high contract, accurate color matching, low heat and the portability that you demand. Easy to pack up, take with you, set up and use wherever, whenever and however you need.


Compact foldable pocket LED magnifier
3 bright LEDs
5.5cm (2.17″) lens – Magnification 8D (3,0X)
Ideal to use when out and about
Comes with a wrist strap
Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Technical Details:

Light source: LED
Lux output at 15cm (6″): 380
Light colour temperature: 5,500-6,000°K
Energy consumption: 0.3W
Product colour: Red/White
Product dimensions: 16.5 x 8.2 x 7.6cm (6.5” x 3.2 ” x 3”)
Maximum Reach: 17cm (6.7”)
Product Weight: 0.1kg (0.3lbs)
Lens size: 5.5cm (2.16”)
Magnification: 8 Diopter (3X)
Extra magnification: no
Lens material: Acrylic

Daylight Duo Led Table Lamp

This slim, flexible lamp has a modern design and sleek finish. It has two independently adjustable shades allowing high light output over a very wide are or an intense light over a small area. Ideally suited for art, craftwork, as well as reading


Double head increasing your illuminated work surface
Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
56 high quality bright LEDs provide accurate colour matching
Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 30cm (12”)

Technical Details:

Light source: LED
Lux output at 30cm (12″): 2,090 Lux
Light colour temperature: 6,000°K
Energy consumption: 10W
Product colour: White
Product dimensions: 28.5 x 46 x 6.5cm (11.2″ x 18.1″ x 2.62)
Maximum Reach: 28.5cm (11.2″)
Product Weight: 0.5kg (1.1Ib)
Cable length: 1.7m (66.9″)

$145.00 $144.90

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