Quilters Wash-Away Tape By Sew Easy

The double sided transparent tape, which completely disappears in the first wash. It can be stitched through and will not gum up the needle.

Perfect for:
- Quilting
- Hemming
- Binding
- Holding Trims and Appliques in place while stitching in place

Use on washable fabrics only

Heat N Bond Feather Lite - 1 Metre

HeatnBond FeatherLite is a paper backed, iron-on, sewable, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without extra weight or stiffness. This lightweight formula is great for multi-layer pieces, landscape quilts, and wearables since it gets even softer after laundering. Use it in place of pinning or basting for appliqué shapes on quilts, wall hangings and attire. Draw directly on the paper backing to easily design appliqué pieces!

Sold by the metre.

17 inch wide (43cm)

- Permanent double-sided iron-on adhesive
- Solid sheet adhesive on a paper backing
- Doesn’t gum up needles
- Saves time by eliminating pinning

*Please note the stabiliser will be folding for shipping purposes

Sew Mate Applique Scissors 6"

Improved angle provides better and more comfortable positioning.
Special Duck Bill provides a high degree of precision making it possible to trim around edges with the greatest of ease.




Vliesofix Stabiliser - 1 Metre

Vliesofix is a double sided web adhesive on paper. The paper supports the web while drawing as well as ironing. With Vliesofix, different materials and fabrics can be fused together by ironing, very easily. Vliesofix is ideal for fancy appliqués and textile handicrafts in all forms and colours as well as for repairs. With fusible Vliesofix you can let your creative streak run wild!

Sold by the metre.

90cm wide.

*Please note the stabiliser will be folding for shipping purposes

Applique Teflon Pressing Sheet - 40 x 50cm

Applique Pressing Sheet - Teflon Coated

- This mat prevents glue or fusible web from sticking to the iron
- This mat product has a teflon finish
- Protects your iron, fabric and ironing board

- Size -40cm x 50cm

Sew Mate Marking Transfer Sheet

Make your quilting more efficient.
Make your working table neat and tidy.
Keep your design in place even if it is folded for traveling.
Use Wash out Markers to transfer the design onto fabrics.
Great tool for making applique and embroidery.



Clover Loop Pressing Bars (TT)

Clover Loop Pressing Bars

Create 3D applique and Celtic quilting designs with your favorite fabrics. Package includes 5 sizes: 6mm (1/4"), 9mm (5/16"), 12mm (1/2"), 15 mm (9/16"), 18mm (11/16").


Seam allowance of fabric can be pressed neatly to one side or pressed open
Straight in seams correctly
Cord can be put through the loop


Make a loop with your favorite fabric
Press seam allowance open or to one side. Straighten the loop with iron
Pull cord through the loop

Material: Polyamide (with glass fiber)

Clover Applique Pins 0.6mm x 3/4″(20mm) 150 pins

Small pins excellent for applique work with only 2 cm (3/4″) length. 3/4″ pins great for small applique work.
Comes in a handy reclosable case. Measurement: 0.6mm x 3/4″(20mm) 150 pins in a case.

Clover Hera Marker for Applique & Sewing

Clover Hera Marker for Applique & Sewing

For marking and creasing in Patchwork, Quilting and Sewing. 

Gypsy Quilter Silicone Appli-Fuse Mat 12in x 12in

The Silicone Appli-Fuse Mat is made of a silicone and glass fiber material that is heat resistant up to 2600C.

That means it is the perfect surface for all of your fusing, ironing, and gluing needs.
Fusible Applique Place the applique design under the Appli-Fuse mat. Since the mat is transparent, the cut applique shapes can be placed perfectly.

Since it is heat resistant, multiple layers can be placed simultaneously and pressed with a hot iron. The layered appliques can then be picked up as one piece and placed on the background fabric. The mat is slightly tacky so the pieces won't migrate when positioned. It is the perfect working surface whenever using a glue gun. Any globs of glue will flake off easily and protect the table underneath.

Clean the mat with soap and water or place it in the dishwasher.

Clover Fusible Web 5mm x 25m

Clover Fusible Web 5MM x 25M

Useful for making bias strips, for Celtic / Stainded Glass quilting and applique. 

Clover Fusible Web 10mm x 12m

Clover Fusible Web 10mm x 12m


Useful for making lattice / Meshwork and Applique. 


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