Pattern Making

Pattern Making
Here at Sew It we have a great range of Pattern Making equipment from leading brands from around the world such as Stitchbird, Singer and Sew Easy. We have Set Square grading triangles, tracer wheels, notchers, awls, french curves, rulers, mannequins and more. We are the distributor of Stitchbird pattern making products in New Zealand. We offer great prices and a great range of brands to suit your budget.
Sew Easy French Curve Ruler With Grading Rule

Sew Easy - French Curve Ruler
- Alter your patterns for personal fit
- combination of curves for: Neckline armhole sleeve cap, hipline waistline & hemline
- Tracing Patterns
- Easy to follow with comprehensive instructions inside

Eliminating the guesswork, this ruler helps you alter patterns for personal fit, including curves for neckline, armhole, sleeve cap, hipline, waistline and hemline. Also includes a grading grid for sizing adjustments and adding seam allowances.

Includes Grading Rule
- The invaluable aid for designing, drafting and grading patterns, and adding seam allowances to block patterns.
- This is a very versatile accessory for both the professional designer, the home dressmaker & the student.


Includes detailed illustrated instructions




Pattern Making Awl, Great Quality

Brand New Awl with Wood Handle.

This Awl is great for scribing accurate pattern lines around templates and along straight edges. This hand tool has a hardwood handle & brass ferrule.

- Blade Length: 60mm (2-1/4")
- Overall Length: 108mm (4-1/4")
- Sharp hard point

This pattern making awl is a must-have for quick, easy hole punching in pattern paper and Leather.

Needle Point Tracer, Pattern Tracing wheel

Needle point tracing wheel, Great quality Product!!

Great for tracing patterns, copying Blue prints and much more.

- Ergonomic wood handle
- Top quality steel needles
- Total Length: 7-1/4" (18-1/2cms)

This pattern making tracing wheel is a must-have for quick, easy tracing of patterns.

Tracing Paper By Hemline

Dressmakers tracing paper allows the user to easily make a copy of a pattern.

It can the be copied onto a thick card to keep long term.

Pack includes three large sheets (76cm by 102cm).

Dressmakers & Craft Tracing Paper. For tracing patterns, making patterns and drafting. Also ideal for appliqué and craft work.




$9.99 $7.90
Pattern Making - Curve Ruler

Sew Easy - Pattern Making Curve Ruler

For all knitters and sewers. Easy to use. Save time and money.

Essential for reproducing diagrams for Sewing & knitting patterns.

This Curve ruler is made for
Knitwear - It is essential to trace out diagrams of knitting patterns
Pattern Alterations - Increase waist, hips and crotch
Other Uses - Buttonholes, Seam allowances

Metric and imperial measurements

Suggested Uses;
Straight Ruler, Square Ruler, French Curve, Buttonhole Guides, seam allowence Slots at 1.5 or 2.5cm (5/8 or 1")

Tape Measure Analogical 150cm / 60in

Trendy Trims – Tape Measure - 150cm/60in

Features metric and imperial on one side for easy comparison and only inches on the reverse side.
A strong wide (16mm) fiberglass tape measure with heavy metal tips. Ideal for tailoring and all sewing/press making projects.



Morplan Graders Set Square - Etched Lines

The Morplan graders set square with etched lines is the premium pattern making set square. The Morplan pattern making set square is used by professional pattern makers all around the world. We recommend this set square to fashion students.

A high quality set square for anyone getting into pattern making.

- Etched lines
- Made in Europe
- Made from strong acrylic
- Bevelled edges

A strong, 3mm thick, acrylic set square with engraved metric markings. Features grading lines on one edge, whilst the other two edges are calibrated and bevelled. An essential for any design department.



Chalk Wheel Plus 2x Refills *4 Tracing onto Fabric

This Trendy Trims chalk wheel is ideal for marking fabrics and patterns. The chalk creates a fine line that is easily brushed away by using a hand or cloth. The Chalk Wheel is ideal for any colour fabric marking.

- Red Chalk wheel
- 2x White Chalk Cartriges
- 1x Blue Chalk Cartrige




$17.98 $12.90
Sew Mate Seam Maker Set

Sew Mate Seam Maker Set

The Pattern Making & quilting Seam Maker Set
We just got in these nifty new seam makers! I wish these were available when I was at fashion school! They save so much time when adding seams to your quilting or garment patterns. Seam makers are used to add seams to your patterns either for pattern making or quilting. They are especially handy for adding seams around curves.

How to Use it
Simply put your pencil through the center of the seam maker. Then position the pattern in the groove of the seam maker. As you run the seam maker along the pattern you will be left with a perfect seam.

What is included
They come in a pack of 4 in the following sizes 10mm, 7mm, 5mm & 3mm. A great tool to speed up your pattern making!

- This handy tool set allows you to add different seam allowance to any shape of template.
- Template thickness of 0.3-0.6mm is suggested.

Pattern Notcher Great Quality - Pattern Making

Pattern Notcher - Made to punch holes in card patterns

This is a basic pattern notcher that functions well.

Notch length: 7mm
Notch width: 1.5mm

Total length: 11.5cm (4-1/2")

Chalk Wheel

This Trendy Trims chalk wheel is ideal for marking fabrics and patterns. The chalk creates a fine line that is easily brushed away by using a hand or cloth. The Chalk Wheel is ideal for any colour fabric marking.

- Red

Refills available in Blue and white coloured powder,



$9.00 $6.90
Premium Pattern Notchers

This is a great quality pattern notcher and is the exact design used by the majority of fashion designers and fashion institutes

High Quality Pattern Notcher 

Notch length: 6.5mm
Notch width: 1.7mm
Total length: 12cm (4 3/4")

Pattern making

$49.99 $27.90

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