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Mundial 9 1/2" Dressmaking Shears - Scissors

Mundial 9 1/2" Dressmaking Shears - Scissors

The patented Serra-sharp micro serrated bottom blade ensures a perfect grip on the sheerest of fabric and is able to cut easily through multiple layers of fabric cleanly to the very tip

Includes a Lifetime Guarantee

$69.99 $59.99
Tailors Chalk Triangle - Assorted Colours

This Trendy Trims tailors chalk is ideal for marking fabrics and patterns. The chalk creates a fine line that is easily brushed away by using a hand or cloth. The Chalk is ideal for any colour fabric marking.

1x Red
1x Blue
1x White

$9.99 $5.20
Singer 8" Heritage Scissors

Singer 8" Heritage Scissors

• Commemorative Tin celebrating Singer’s 150 year heritage.
• Contains 8” Kut-Nit scissors, perfect for dress making and a must for collectors.

- These blades are made of a durable and hard Stainless Steel that will last a life time
- Provides excellent and precise cutting for lifetime.
- Ideal for quilting, tailoring and dressmaking
- Length: 8"

1x Heritage Scissors
1x Heritage Case

$89.00 $59.00
Chalk Wheel Plus 2x Refills *4 Tracing onto Fabric

This Trendy Trims chalk wheel is ideal for marking fabrics and patterns. The chalk creates a fine line that is easily brushed away by using a hand or cloth. The Chalk Wheel is ideal for any colour fabric marking.

- Red Chalk wheel
- 2x White Chalk Cartriges
- 1x Blue Chalk Cartrige

$17.98 $12.99
36" x 24" / A1 Quilting mat by Sew Easy

This Sew Easy A1 - 914mm x 609mm (36" x 24") self-healing cutting mat is perfect for quilting, pattern cutting, scrapbooking & more. Self Healing cutting mats are designed to extend the life of rotary blades and protect your cutting surface. Constructed of 5 layers , this mat is built to last. This self-healing cutting mat is a great investment for sewers, quilters & scrapbookers.


- Double sided mat
- One sided is marked with inches and the other in Cm's
- 5-layer construction
- Self-healing feature prolongs the life of mat


- Mat size: A1, 914mm x 609mm (36" x 24")
- Grid size: 880mm x 580mm ( 35" x 23")
- Measurements: inches & cms
- Layers: 5


- To prolong cutting mat life avoid circular motion cuts and cut in different positions
- Keep mat out of direct sunlight and heat
- Store mat flat (do not roll)

$99.00 $79.00
Sew Mate Seam Maker Set

Sew Mate Seam Maker Set

The Pattern Making & quilting Seam Maker Set
We just got in these nifty new seam makers! I wish these were available when I was at fashion school! They save so much time when adding seams to your quilting or garment patterns. Seam makers are used to add seams to your patterns either for pattern making or quilting. They are especially handy for adding seams around curves.

How to Use it
Simply put your pencil through the center of the seam maker. Then position the pattern in the groove of the seam maker. As you run the seam maker along the pattern you will be left with a perfect seam.

What is included
They come in a pack of 4 in the following sizes 10mm, 7mm, 5mm & 3mm. A great tool to speed up your pattern making!

- This handy tool set allows you to add different seam allowance to any shape of template.
- Template thickness of 0.3-0.6mm is suggested.

Sew Mate Bias Tape Maker Pack 9mm, 12mm, 18mm & 25mm

Sew Mate 9mm/12mm/18mm/25mm Bias tape maker Pack

Sew Mate Bias Binding / tape making tools.

Simply cut strips of fabric twice the width of the finished size, join all the strips together at the ends to create one long strip, and then feed the strip through the tool, the strip comes out the other end of the tool folded for you! Now just press with the iron to set the folds.

Can also be used for quilt bindings, simply cut the strips of fabric along the straight or cross grain of the fabric instead of on the bias.

Please note that this tool creates single fold binding. This means that the raw edges get folded once towards the centre of the strip. The 9mm Bias Tape Maker will make 9mm wide single fold bias tape. If you then press that bias tape in half you will have 4.5mm wide double fold bias tape. The same method applies to the other Bias tape Maker sizes as well. Hope that makes sense!

Each tool is packaged individually
Instructions booklet included in each package

Rotary Blade Sharpener by Sew Mate

Sew Mate Rotary Blade Sharpener

Don't throw out unwanted dull blades, reuse them again with the use of the Sew Mate Rotary Blade Sharpener.


- Suitable for 28mm and 45mm straight blades.

- Including 1 magnetic holder for removing blades safely.

- Usage instructions on backing card

Tape Measure Analogical 150cm / 60in

Trendy Trims – Tape Measure - 150cm/60in

Features metric and imperial on one side for easy comparison and only inches on the reverse side.
A strong wide (16mm) fiberglass tape measure with heavy metal tips. Ideal for tailoring and all sewing/press making projects.

60mm Rotary Cutter Blade with Case *Sale*

1x 60mm rotary cutter blade
1x hard case

Straight blade 60mm rotary cutter replacement blade with case

These cutter blades fit most rotary cutters including Sew Mate, Olfa, Dafa, NDK and other standard cutters.

- Durable blades made from high quality steel.
- Excellent for cutting papers and fabrics
- For sharp, quick and precise cutting
- Blade refill for 60mm rotary cutter.

$12.99 $8.49
Colour Headed Pins - 75x Pins

Trendy Trims Colour Headed Pins - 75x Pins

34mm x 0.65mm

- 75 pins
- 1x Plastic Case

$5.99 $4.99
Seam Ripper - Trendy Trims

This premium quality seam ripper has a finely sharpened steel blade with safety ball.

This Seam Ripper can be used for many and varied sewing and general uses such as quick unpicking as well as for neat cutting open of button holes.


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