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Rit DyeMore comes in a 207ml bottle in the following colours;

- Racing Red
- Super Pink
- Royal Purple
- Sapphire Blue
- Kentucky Sky
- Peacock Green
- Apricot Orange
- Graphite
- Frost Gray
- Chocolate Brown
- Sand Stone 
- Daffodil Yellow

This auction is for one of the bottles

Rit DyeMore is a synthetic dye that will color 100% polyester, acrylic, acetate, nylon and polyester/cotton blends.

** Never use on Dry Clean Only fabrics**

Rit Dyemore is a new development that enables synthetic materials to be dyed. This means polyester, polyester blends, acetate and acrylic are now all dyeable with Rit. While nylon has always been a material Rit could dye, it dyes to even richer shades with DyeMore.

It is now even possible to dye golf balls, Rit DyeMore allows you to dye these items bright, beautiful colours. It can also dye your 3D printed creations too.

Rit DyeMore requires a higher temperature than our all-purpose dye, so for the best results use the stovetop method.

- The Stove Top method—dyeing the items in a pot on the stove—is recommended especially when dyeing polyester and acrylic, because a very high temperature is needed to dye these fabrics. Nylon tends to dye very quickly and much darker than the other fibers so the actual time needed in the dye bath is much less.

- To determine how much dye is needed, weigh the item on a food scale or estimate the weight. As a general guideline, one bottle of Rit will color up to two pounds (907grams) of dry weight fabric. For very light or very dark colors, we recommend using more dye. Generally we recommended starting with one bottle of dye when dyeing synthetics but you should use two bottles when dyeing dark colors, especially when dyeing polyester.

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Rit Dye Powder Colour Remover 2 oz

Rit Dye Powder Colour Remover 2 oz

Rit Color Remover is used primarily to remove or reduce color from fabric prior to dyeing with Rit Dye. It reduces the color to an off-white or cream color, creating a clean, even base color for dyeing. Color Remover is suitable for use on most washable fabrics, including cotton, linen, rayon, silk, and nylon. It may have a limited effect on polyester, depending upon how it was dyed commercially. Color Remover is a non-chlorine, reductive type of bleach that will not damage or deteriorate washable fabrics as chlorine bleach will.

The stovetop method is the most effective at removing color, maintaining a constant simmer throughout the process. Some fabrics lose their color in as fast as 10 minutes, others can take an hour or two to achieve a cream color. Light color changes, such as brightening or removing stains from white fabrics, can be achieved using Color Remover in a washing machine.

- Use to whiten and remove stains such as fruit juice, ketchup, tea and rust.
- Safe for all fabrics that can be washed in hot water.
- Colour Remover will remove or reduce colour from most fabrics

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Rit Liquid Dye - 34 Colours to Choose From

Rit Liquid Dye comes in a 236ml bottle in the following colours;
- Dark Green         - Black
- Cherry Red          - Pearl Grey
- Kelly Green          - Neon Green
- Sunset Orange     - Fuchsia
- Denim Blue          - Rose Quartz
- Golden Yellow      - Camel
- Royal Blue           - Teal
- Tangerine            - Evening Blue
- Scarlet                - Emerald
- Dark Brown         - Taupe        
- Wine                  - Hyacinth
- Navy Blue           - Cocoa Brown
- Petal Pink           - Apple Green
- Purple                - Neon Yellow
- Lemon Yellow     - Aquamarine
- Charcoal Grey     - Tan
- Coral                  - Violet

Whether you are looking to refresh the colors of your wardrobe, ombre-dye curtains for your bedroom, rejuvenate old garments, coordinate home decor,or hide laundry accidents, Rit Dye can help you get there.

CHOOSING FABRICS. Rit works best on many natural, washable fabrics and materials, such as:
- 100% cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie
- Synthetics such as rayon and nylon
- Fiber blends with at least 60% cotton or other dyeable fiber (blends will tint evenly but will not achieve full color)
- Nylon-based plastic such as those found in buttons, fasteners and lacrosse sticks
- Natural materials such as wood, wicker, paper, feathers and cork

But there are fabrics and materials that will not accept dye, such as:
- 100% polyester, acrylic, acetate, fiberglass, spandex and metallic fibers
- Fabrics with rubber backing (bath mats or throw rugs)
- Fabrics with special finishes such as water repellents
- Fabrics with bleach damage or extensive staining
- Fabrics washable only in cold water or labeled “dry clean only”
- Polyethylene plastics such as golf discs
- Polycarbonate plastics such as eyeglass frames

$17.99 $15.99

Rit Powder Dye comes in a 31.9g box in the following colours;
- Dark Green 
- Sunshine Orange
- Denim Blue
- Golden Yellow
- Royal Blue
- Tangerine
- Scarlet
- Kelly Green
- Dark Brown
- Black
- Wine
- Navy Blue
- Petal Pink
- Purple
- Fuchsia
- Teal
- Tan
- Pearl Grey
- Lemon Yellow
- Cocoa Brown Chocolate

Recommend for use with cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool and nylon

Whether you are looking to refresh the colors of your wardrobe, ombre-dye curtains for your bedroom, rejuvenate old garments, coordinate home decor,or hide laundry accidents, Rit Dye can help you get there.

- Package colour reflects approximate results when dyeing white or off-white 100% cotton.

- One package dyes 1 lb. dry weight or about 3 yards medium weight fabric.

- For most washable fabrics.

- Not recommended for 100% polyester, acrylic, acetate, fibreglass or metallic fibres, or fabrics with special finishes,
rubber backing, washable only in cold water or labeled Dry Clean Only.


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