KAI 100mm Embroidery Scissors - Straight Blade

KAI 100mm Embroidery Scissors - Straight Blade

The KAI 5100 Needlecraft scissor has sharp, pointed tips that allow for detailed cutting and trimming.  Immensely popular for trimming threads, Hardanger embroidery, beadwork, rug hooking, and fly tying for fishermen.

KAI 120mm Snippits

KAI 120mm Snippits

These KAI N5120 Thread Snips are lightweight with blades that are made of a strong stainless steel.

This makes them an ideal choice for use in sewing, quilting, tailoring, embroidery, dressmaking applications.

Full tang construction - blades are extended through the handles to the supporting points

KAI 130mm Curved Embroidery Scissors

KAI 130mm Embroidery Scissors

The 5130: 5-inch Double Curve Scissor allows for easy maneuverability while trimming your embroidery hoop designs. The sharp, precise tips provide an accurate cut for embroidery stitches as well. Additionally, this is the modernized replacement of the classic duck-bill scissors.

As with the rest of Kai 5000 Series scissors, the 5130 Double Curves are made of a hardened stainless steel. This allows for a smooth and consistent, fatigue-free cut.

KAI 135mm Embroidery Scissors

KAI 135mm Embroidery Scissors

These wonderful, fatigue free embroidery scissors from KAI have an ergonomical handle.
Keep them handly as a pair of snips while quilting and sewing apparel.

KAI 210mm True Left Handed Dress Making Scissors

The KAI 5210L TRUE Left-Handed, 8in scissor has ergonomically soft handles which allow fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. Additionally, because of its soft handles and hardened stainless-steel blades, the 5210L can cut through multiple layers of denim with ease while trimming cottons without any fabric slippage.

The KAI 5210L True Left-Handed scissors feature both a left-handed grip and left-handed blades. This allows ease of use with your left hand, while also allowing you to see precisely where you are cutting.

Product details:

- Color: Black Handles
- Made of: Plastic and Metal
- Use: Scissors
- Size: 8in long
- Included: One Pair of Scissors

KAI 220mm Dress Making Scissors

Kai - N5000 Series
Dressmaking Shears

8 1/2inch / 220mm

Ergonomically soft handle, fatigue free
Made of fine stainless steel with vanadium
Made in Japan

KAI 220mm Left Handled Dressmaking Scissors

KAI 220mm Left Dressmaking Scissors

This is the KAI 5220L - 8 1/2" Left-Handed Scissor.  Left-handers love the feel of these scissors. Ergonomic grips allow for easy cutting without discomfort to your thumb. 

This is the best fabric scissor made for left handed users.  Large handle grip and standard blade length.  This differs from the True Left scissors, in that the blades are not reversed, but is made to fit comfortably in your left hand. (A right handed scissor with a left handed grip for fatigue-free cutting!)

Please Note the difference between a 5210L True Left-Handed vs the 5220L:

The 5210L is a genuine left-handed scissor with left-handed blades - and will not work correctly for a left-handed person that is used to working with right-handed scissors - as they will actually be pulling the blades away from each other - preventing the cutting action from taking place properly. This will give the effect that the scissors are dull as they will fold the fabric.

The 5220L is a left-handled scissor (the handles themselves fit in the left hand) with right handed blades. These scissors have been designed to work for a left-handed person who has learned to cut with right-handed scissors.

Kai 220mm Scissors 1220ST

Kai 220mm Scissors 

KAI Dressmaking Shears / Scissors Model 1220ST , 220mm (8.5 Inch) Soft Handle

KAI 230mm Pinking Shears

KAI 230mm Pinking Shears

The KAI 9" Pinking Shears are strong and light for even the toughest of projects.

The comfortable and lightweight handle, as well as the stainless steel blades, make this a necessary addition to your collection.

Cloth edges that are unfinished will easily fray, the weave becoming undone and threads pulling out easily. The saw-tooth pattern does not prevent fraying but limits the length of the frayed thread and thus minimises damage. 

KAI 250mm Tailoring Scissors

KAI 250mm Tailoring Scissors

The Kai 5250 250mm (10-inch) scissor has ergonomically soft handles which allow fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric, cutting multiple layers of denim with ease while also trimming cottons without any fabric slippage. Heavy duty blades, made of hardened stainless steel, for a powerful cut. Larger handle grips to reduce stress for fatigue free cutting.

Made in Japan.

Kai 5100C Curved Needle Craft Scissors

Kai 5100C Curved Needle Craft Scissors

The Kai 5100C Needlecraft scissor's sharp, pointed tips allow for detailed cutting and trimming. Very popular for trimming threads, Hardanger embroidery, beadwork, rug hooking, and fly tying for fishermen.

KAI Professional 230mm Dressmaking Shears

The Kai 7230 is a 9-inch / 230mm professional scissor, ideal for everyday sewing projects as well as managing thicker, more difficult fabrics. Made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel, allowing for a steeper cutting angle, giving the scissor a sharper, finer edge that lasts.

These scissors feel incredibly smooth and glide through fabrics!

Made in Japan.


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