Knitting Machines

Addi Express Knitting Machine

Knitting is super easy and comfortable with the addiExpress. Quickly knit flat or round – just turn the handle!

Easy and convenient knitting with fantastic results within minutes guaranteed. The addiExpress has a practical thread guide and mechanical row counter. Perfect for non-knitters thanks to its crank handle and numerous guidelines.

Knitting has never been easier than with the addi Express, a table-top hand-crank knitting machine! Best used with DK weight yarn you can make both circular and flat pieces of knitting. Quickly create scarves, patchwork garments, socks and even leggings. Creates circular knitting approx. 10-15cm diameter and flat knitting approx 15-20cm width.

addi Express includes:
1 x 22 needle knitting machine
1 x take-off / decrease needle
5 x replacement needles
4 x base feet
2 x screws for secure table mounting
1 x rotally row counter
1 x basic instruction booklet


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