Adhesive Nylon Repair Patch

For quick and effective repair of all nylon articles including jackets, raincoats, tents etc

Embroidery Thread Organiser Large

Keep your thread clean and tangle free in these handy plastic organisers.

Includes x100 bobbin cards

*Accessories not included

Size: 280 x 170 x 40mm

Hemline 40 Thread Spool Organiser

Hemline 40-Spool Thread Organiser. Keep your thread clean and tangle free in this handy plastic organiser. See-through case. Deep enough to hold most standard size spools. Dimensions: 34.3 x 21.6 x 6.4cm

*Thread not included. 




Hemline Bobbin Box – Plastic

Hemline Bobbin Box – Plastic

Holds 25 Sewing Bobbins

Hemline Embroidery Thread Organiser Medium

Keep your thread clean and tangle free in these handy plastic organisers.

Bobbin cards x25

Size: 180 x 120 x 40mm

Hemline Embroidery Thread Organiser Small

Keep your thread clean and tangle free in these handy plastic organisers.

x25 bobbin cards

Size: 175 x 90 x 40mm

Hemline Gold Notions Print Sewing Basket

Stylish storage box featuring the signature Hemline Gold Notions print. Strong, moveable handle makes this sewing box easy to carry. A durable, 4 section clear tray allows you to see through to the main box: The inside of the lid features a pin cushion and elasticated storage pocket to keep fabric pencils and smaller tools safe and secure. Plastic feet on the base keeps your box clean from work room and surface dirt.

Dimensions: 26x19x14.5cm



Hemline Magnetic Pin Dish

Great for picking up pins, safety pins and staples from all types of surfaces.

$12.90 $9.90
Hemline Sewing Gauge

Ideal for measuring hems, scallops, knitting and sewing; easing out point of cuffs and collars;
and automatically gauging the shank depth when sewing buttons on.

Pin Cushion - Notions Print

Hand crafted novelty tomato pincushion in Hemline Gold. Notions signature print. Extra large size to safely secure all of your needles and pins. Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 65mm

Sewing Kit Faux Leather - Hemline Gold Range

Premium faux leather covered sewing kit featuring the Hemline Gold Notions signature print.

Strong and durable clasp keeps your sewing kit secure.

Kit includes:
- 9cm/3.5in scissors
- Fibreglass tape measure 64cm/25in
- 12 coloured polyester threads
- Needle threader
- Seam ripper
- 4 shirt buttons
- 4 snap fasteners
- 3 hand needles
- 6 safety pins
- 6 plastic head pins



Thread Stand by Hemline

Thread Cone Holder By Hemline

This portable thread stand is a great accompaniment with your sewing machine, ideal for two colour sewing at the same time or alternately.

This thread stand is a great way to save money on thread! Grab a large spool to go with it in your favourite colours in our large spool range - Click Here

- Easy to assemble or disassemble for storage
- Light weight and portable
- Strong Construction


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