Triumph Rechargeable Lint Remover Pro Series 3

Triumph Rechargeable Lint Remover Pro Series 3

Deliver a clean and professional finish to your garments with the Pro Series 3 set. Use the brush for quick lint and fluff pick up. The sharp rotary blades will effectively collect stubborn lint and pilling returning garments to their original quality. Full charging time is 8 hours with running time approx 30-40 min depending on usage.


Triumph LED Zoom Desktop Magnifying Light – Gooseneck

Triumph LED Zoom Desktop Magnifying Light


- 56 bright LED’s,
- Cover to protect the light from sunlight and dust
- 3x Colour temperatures, Warm, Natural and White
- Stepless dimming control
- Touch sensitve on/off
- 3x Magnifier
- Flexible goose neck
- AC/DC adaptor included

- HB115.W

Triumph LED Sabre Table Lamp w/ USB Charger

This slim desktop light comes with an extended array of bright LED’s that reach over a large 590mm span providing an even light across your entire working area. The Triumph Sabre features 60 bright LEDs with no bulb to replace and virtually no heat. The Sabre comes with a built in fast charging USB port, making it convenient to charge your phone while you work. The base is also amazingly small, and takes up very little desk space.


- 60 Bright LED’s
- Extra Long 590mm lamp head
- Touch sensitive on/off with 3 step dimming
- Intergrated fast charging USB port
- Small sturdy base for more desk room
- Flexible gooseneck

Triumph LED Super White Floor Lamp

Having the right light is important to sewing success.

Not only do you need general room lighting, but good directional task lighting as well.
This desk model contains 15 LED's, with a simple dimmable touch switch from cool white through to super white and a diffusion lens to reduce eyestrain.

See clearly with 15 LED's for super white lighting
- Diffusion lens provides greater lighting comfort to reduce eyestrain
- Handy craft, hobby or project lamp
- Move from room to room with ease
- Flexible gooseneck adjusts to multiple positions
- Stylish and slim design
- Quick push button floor switch
- Ready to use

Ideal height when in use 140cm. Base measures 22cm


Triumph Led Light Bulb Push In For Sewing Machines

Triumph Led Light Bulb Push In For Sewing Machines

A great alternative to standard bayonet sewing machine bulbs!


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