What Thread to Use on Your Sewing Machine

Posted by Callum Gilbert on

The Benefits of Using Quality Thread in your Sewing Machine

When you are having problems with your sewing machine, the first step is to change the machine needle. If you are still having problems, the next thing to question is whether you are using a good-quality sewing thread.


Many people do not give the quality of the sewing machine thread a second thought.​​


You may think that there is no difference in thread, 

  • a good quality thread is tightly wound on the reel and it looks smooth and has a sheen, 
  • a poor quality thread is quite loosely wound and it looks slightly fluffy.


In most of the newer machines, the tension disks are hidden inside a plastic cover. This protects the disks from dust and damage, but it also does not allow you to see what may be happening. If you aren't purchasing quality thread, you may be damaging the disks. Eventually, you could have problems with the machine maintaining an even tension as you sew.

But almost any reputable sewing machine dealer will tell you to use only high-quality thread


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