Zoje Direct Drive Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine - Table Included

Zoje Direct Drive Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Very smooth running and efficient industrial walking foot machine. Equipped with a no noise servo motor mounted on the machine head, this is the motor type of the future. The perfect machine to do heavier work such as upholstery, bags, canvas work, and other applications.

This walking foot machine can do heavy jobs with its high footlift height to ensure that you can get materials underneath the machine. The larger hook also means that you can use thicker thread to sew the product together. Coupled with a top and bottom feed, this machine reduces material slipping.

- Automatic Needle Positioning system
- Energy Saving
- No Noise
- LED lighting
- Large Underarm Workspace
- Large rotary hook (2.5x normal sewing machines)
- High Footlift height: 8mm on handlift and 16mm using kneelift
- Automatic lubrication, and equipped with an oil pump to cycle the oil
- 8mm max. stitch length for decorative sewing.

- PVC & banner sewing
- Canvas sewing: lorry curtains, boat covers, cushion cover bags and luggage.
- Quilted Goods, horserugs etc.
- Soft Leather Products: furniture, purses, bags, etc.
- Decorative sewing

Included Accessories: 
- Oil
- Bobbins
- Screwdriver
- Needles
- Dust Cover


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